To create a "Dyslexia Sensitive" society that identifies and nurtures children with Dyslexia to reach their potential.


  • To continue to bring about awareness of the condition and extending it to the college setup
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Join the cause and
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children with dyslexia!

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Cricketer R.Ashwin
is MDA Ambassador

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In 1991, there was little awareness and almost no help for children with Dyslexia.

About MDA

A group of parents of children with dyslexia, educationists empathetic to the cause, and philanthropists founded MDA in 1992.

Madras Dyslexia Association (MDA) is a non-profit service organization established to take a pragmatic approach to helping children with "Dyslexia". MDA has been functioning for the past two decades in providing remedial help and support to these children, their parents, as well as spreading awareness to the community at large, helping schools set up resource rooms and conducting teacher training programmes.

About MDA

We dedicate ourselves to the cause of dyslexia and provide services in all the related areas focusing on the child with dyslexia. Since dyslexia hidden disability which does not allow the child to perform to his/her actual is a potential, the under achievement of an otherwise intelligent child is puzzling to both teachers and parents alike. Timely identification and appropriate help will ensure that these children continue in the mainstream of education and their potential is fully tapped.

We at MDA, have been training many mainstream teachers and conducting teacher workshops and have had a very good response from the fraternity. This is not enough, as awareness of this condition among Principals and Management Boards is vital for concerted help to be given to them. The stand a school takes about being empathetic to and supporting such children would need to come from the top.