To create a "Dyslexia Sensitive" society that identifies and nurtures children with Dyslexia to reach their potential.


  • To continue to bring about awareness of the condition and extending it to the college setup
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Cricketer R.Ashwin
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Ananya : The Learning Centre of Madras Dyslexia Association

Ananya Learning Centre (ALC) is a full time pull out remediation school for children with learning difficulties. Remediation is offered for children between the ages of 6 to 14, where the child is taken out of the main stream school and put through a remedial program


This program is offered to the child based on an Assessment of his/ her strength and needs using certified testing index scales such as Aston and Brigance. A classroom observation is then done to assess the comfort level of the child after which the remediation program will commence


The remediation program is offered for a period of one year at the minimum to two years at the maximum, depending on the intensity of the remediation required after which the child is back to the mainstream school


An Individual Education Program (IEP) is drawn out for the child consisting of skills building, need based and activity oriented learning


Remediation is given in the areas of phonemic awareness, letter sound association, reading, spelling, sentence strategies. Mathematics and study skills


Holistic Development: Apart from academics and skill building, Ananya Learning centre focuses on the Holistic Development of the child with a view to nurture innate abilities, talents and interests of the child. Every child is exposed to the following 6 areas of co curricular activities namely


  • Yoga to help children discipline their mind and channelize their energies in a focussed manner
  • Dramatics to unearth the potential that every child has to act. This activity helps to improve dialogue delivery and fosters social interaction thereby building self confidence
  • Music is considered as a calming therapy and the children are given lessons by musically trained teachers. Simple songs in different languages are taught
  • Art & Craft Helps to develop concentration and fine motor skills and eye hand coordination which are an integral part of development of the child.
  • Hydra is one of the arms of MDA focussed on nurturing the natural potential of children. The team at Hydra consists of trained teachers and mental health professionals and works in technical partnership with Vidya Sagar, Chennai. The environment at Hydra is caring and non-threatening. This encourages the children to let go of any stress and feelings of low self worth that often accompany the condition of dyslexia. It helps them feel accepted for who they are.
  • Games Playing in an open ground, running , skipping with team games releases abundant energy in the child which aids in social interaction

Occupational Therapy: Is an important component in Remediation, also known as OT which focuses on helping children with physical, sensory or cognitive disability/ difficulty to enhance their skills along with self esteem and performance in the classroom.


An Assessment is done by a Senior Occupational Therapist and an in house program & schedule is drawn up, customised to the needs of each child. Progress is monitored by an in-house therapist. A home program is also recommended for children requiring more intensive therapy


Tie up with Medall: Ananya has a tie up with Medall Behavioural and Health Services, a unit of the Medall Diagnostic Group to provide counselling for children and parents as part of the personality development of the child


There is a in- house counsellor who interacts with the child and the parent and also conducts periodic workshops for them


The teachers are also given orientation on child behaviour to help them handle different behavioural issues in the classroom


Hand Holding: Any remediation is a three way interaction between the child, parent and the teacher with the child being the central part. Periodic meetings are conducted with parents where they are updated on the child’s progress and briefed on how to monitor the child’s home work and assignments allowing independence in a responsible way


As the child is ready to be sent back to the mainstream school, Ananya recommends a remedial teacher after school hours for the child to provide guidance in coping with the academic program


We believe “Every child is unique” and should have individual attention, love and acceptance. Every child is not only capable of learning but also capable of succeeding.

The Remediation program at the A L C is carried out by a team of dedicated and trained teachers focussed on building skills, channelizing energies and nurturing innate talents of the child thus ensuring a smooth transition to the mainstream school as confident and positive individuals.


It is our endeavour to make each child our Brand Ambassador in the accomplishment of our objectives.