To create a "Dyslexia Sensitive" society that identifies and nurtures children with Dyslexia to reach their potential.


  • To continue to bring about awareness of the condition and extending it to the college setup
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Join the cause and
touch the lives of
children with dyslexia!

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Cricketer R.Ashwin
is MDA Ambassador

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Some Basic Facts

  • Dyslexia is a language-based learning disability. In Greek "Dys" means a difficulty with and "lexia" means with language. It is also given the name Specific Learning Disabilities today.
  • It is a group of symptoms which brings about difficulties with specific language skills.
  • It is a lifelong condition. It affects the person differently at different stages. It is not an obstacle for achieving success in his/ her chosen area of work in adult life.
  • During the school years, dyslexia can impact academic success in a typical learning environment.
  • It is a hidden disability and this child looks like any other and so is often misunderstood to be lazy, stupid, obstinate, and having an attitude problem as he or she does not perform at class level, doing what she or he is expected to do.
  • It is a developmental disorder originating in childhood.
  • It is a neurological condition and one which needs an educational prescription.
  • It is not a disease and can't be cured .It is only a condition that needs coping strategies in the areas of deficits.
  • It can vary from mild to moderate or severe. No two children would have similar difficulties. In any degree of severity, these children need support from teachers, resource room teachers and remedial teachers along with classroom accommodations and examination provisions.
  • Dyslexia can exist side by side with other conditions like
  • These children sometimes can have strengths like seeing the big picture, creative thinking, finding different solutions and a sharp and inquiring mind. They are often talented in non-academic areas as well. (see famous people with dyslexia)


  • 10-15% of the school going population has this difficulty. In India, statistics are not available and so we go by the general statistics.
  • It can be seen among people of varied backgrounds.