What is Dyslexia

Who is this child?

  • A child with average or above average intelligence.
  • A child who has the potential but whose academic achievement does not match it.
  • A child who has a gap between oral and written skills.
  • A child who has an erratic performance and "on" days and "off" days.
  • A child who sometimes has more strengths in non- academic areas than the academic areas.

 Characteristics of Dyslexia

  • Imperfect Spelling
  • Difficulty telling right from left
  • Bad handwriting
  • Awkward positioning of hand while writing
  • Letter and word reversals; confused between ‘b’ and ‘d’ or ‘no’ and ‘on’
  • Might see text as jumping around on a page
  • Inconsistent spelling of the same word
  • Difficulties in maths , logic and time
  • Number reversals: mixing up of 59 and 95
  • Difficulty in writing down what is heard like messages to be written down.
  • Difficulty in saying the months of the year forward fluently
  • Slow reader
  • Inability to remember names and words, short-term or long- term memory deficiencies.
  • Difficulty in following oral instructions involving multiple instructions.

Success Stories

“Help me! Do something. Help me!” I had told my mom earlier that day.

People with Dyslexia are visionaries, inventors, and artists. They think differently, see the world differently. It is from this difference that the dyslexic brain derives its brilliance.

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About MDA

A group of parents of children with dyslexia, educationists empathetic to the cause, and philanthropists founded MDA in 1992. Madras Dyslexia Association (MDA) is a non-profit service organization established to take a pragmatic approach to helping children with “Dyslexia”.

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