Guidance and Counselling

Parents are often faced with a situation, where the school informs them that their child is having difficulties coping in the classroom and not performing in the tests. Sometimes, parents themselves see that their child is not performing to his potential though not brought up by the school. They don't know what the problem with the child is but would like to find out and provide the adequate help. This is when they call Madras Dyslexia Association and ask for help.

A Guidance session is scheduled with the parents, when a detailed discussion is held with the parents to understand the child's difficulties.

When parents come for this session they should NOT bring the child, but the following are required:

  • reports of the child: medical and academic
  • reports of any previous testing
  • answer papers from tests and examinations
  • class work, notebooks
A detailed discussion is held with the parents and any one or more of the following may be recommended at the end of a session.
  • An educational assessment
  • A screening test for dyslexia
  • A referral to other institutions which could help the child as the child's need.This is especially given incase the child is not dyslexic.
  • Asked to bring a report from professionals in other fields like : Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists. Counselors to be able to understand and help the child better.
  • Referred for a cognitive assessment to a clinical psychologist.
  • Referral to a child psychiatrist/OT/ to get a diagnosis and treatment for his/her Attention Deficit or any other condition.
  • Referral to a speech pathologist for Assessment and Speech Therapy if required

This is the information sought during the Guidance and Counselling session and the parents should have this information available. This information is confidential and will be known only to the counselor.

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10- 15 % of kids have some level of dyslexia.

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About MDA

A group of parents of children with dyslexia, educationists empathetic to the cause, and philanthropists founded MDA in 1992. Madras Dyslexia Association (MDA) is a non-profit service organization established to take a pragmatic approach to helping children with “Dyslexia”.

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