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Dyslexics are intelligent people with normal or above average IQ. People with Dyslexia are unique, each having their individual strengths and weaknesses.

  • Dyslexia is an invisible disability. Which means that dyslexics look completely normal to others, while they are not able to learn in particular traditional methods of learning. They do learn and understand ,but differently.
  • The reason is a neurological condition. In layman’s language we could say that the wiring in their brain is a bit different and therefore they perceive and process information differently.
  • It is a lifelong condition, but dyslexics, by virtue of their intelligence, learn to work their way around their difficulties, not letting their difficulties come in their way.
  • It affects primarily the area of written language ie; reading, writing and spelling and sometimes in arithmetic.
  • Therefore there appears a gap between their potential, which they can achieve, and their performance. 
  • They often display special talents in areas that require high levels of visual, spatial, and motor integration. They therefore excel in fields of all kinds of designing, architecture, visual communication, direction, innovation, art, sculpture or even sports. Some famous dyslexics are: Leonardo da Vinci, Picasso, Steven Spielberg, Tommy Hilfiger, Steve Jobs, Mohammad Ali and Tom Cruise.
  • Their problems in language-processing distinguish them as a group. This means that persons with dyslexia have problems translating language to thought (as in listening or reading) or thought to language (as in writing or speaking).
  • They only have difficulty in deciphering the written word. If knowledge is imparted to them in other ways, they in fact understand better.

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Children with dyslexia are stronger than we know, they fight the battles that most will never know.

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A group of parents of children with dyslexia, educationists empathetic to the cause, and philanthropists founded MDA in 1992. Madras Dyslexia Association (MDA) is a non-profit service organization established to take a pragmatic approach to helping children with “Dyslexia”.

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