How can a regular teacher help

Firstly, identify children who need to be screened for LD.

Once identified,

  1. Seat them in the first row and frequently observe them, talk to them during class.
  2. Or Let them sit next to the teacher
  3. Prompt them
  4. Certain kids have attention deficit who find it difficult to sit in one place for long. They can be given physical tasks, like rubbing the board, get / move things etc.
  5. For those who have difficulty in writing, printouts of notes may be provided
  6. If the school has a resource room, children with Attention Deficit can write exams in the resource room, where a sp educator can help by reading out questions.
  7. If the school has no resource room, it will help if the children with attention deficit are made to write exams in a separate room without disturbance (like a library).  A teacher may be assigned to read out the questions and supervise them.
  8. Extra time needs to be given for writing exams as these children are intelligent and have the expected knowledge, but cannot concentrate and bring it out on paper at one go.
  9. Certain cases may also require a scribe to be provided.
  10. The Examination Boards like State Board, CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE do provide concessions during board exams. The process to acquire this certificate needs to begin at the beginning of the academic year ie around the months of June /July. The teacher must make the parents aware of this.

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People with Dyslexia are visionaries, inventors, and artists. They think differently, see the world differently. It is from this difference that the dyslexic brain derives its brilliance.

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A group of parents of children with dyslexia, educationists empathetic to the cause, and philanthropists founded MDA in 1992. Madras Dyslexia Association (MDA) is a non-profit service organization established to take a pragmatic approach to helping children with “Dyslexia”.

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